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Did you ever wanted to get a full time or even a part time to job get something extra out of your day. Your blog might not be a source of income in your early blogging career but that’s fairly normal when you’re starting out. There can be a solution to that problem. There are several job boards available today that offers updated and quality job offers to content writers and bloggers (freelancers).  If you enjoy writing this can be great way to earn an additional income.

Companies of individuals who wish to hire bloggers for their websites/blogs tend to post their opportunities on these job boards with full description, income (in some cases), and the requirement of job. Later the contact information is provided to let the bloggers submit their resumes, sample content etc.

So below, I have listed out the top 10 most popular job boards available to bloggers/content writers to find a great full time/ part time job for themselves. There are indeed many great opportunities that you can try out as a writer.

#1 Probloggers

Problogger, owned by Darren Rowse has created a great opportunities for bloggers and content creators to search for the most suitable jobs available to them.

problogger job board

#2 Craigslist

Craigslist jobboard

#3 Blogging Pro

BloggingPro job board is one of the finest job platforms for bloggers out there. What i really liked about this job board was its targeted job offers. Its a must check opportunity for content writers.

Blogging Pro jobboard

#4 Simply Hired

simply hired jobboard

#5 Indeed Blogger Jobs

indeed blogger jobs boardboard

#6 Freelance Writing Gigs

Freelance writing gigs has pretty targeted jobs too. The variety of jobs offers is what i really liked about this job board. The platform is neatly designed and that makes the search process a lot easy.

#7 Freelance Switch

Freelance Switch

#8 PoeWar


#9 Blogger Jobs

Blogger Jobs


#10 Job boards job boards are also pretty rich with targeted jobs with a variety of niche jobs available. The only down side of their job board that i felt was that it was kind of hard to find the jobs plus less result oriented. Job boards


How Much Can You Earn Writing Online?

The trick with earning money by writing online is that you’re competing with people from other parts of the world.  As an example, I’ve purchased articles where I was charged $1 for 100 words.  So a 500 word article would cost me $5.  The articles I received were pretty good, but I still ended up doing some quick editing to them.  I know people who regularly spend $10 for a 500 word article that is of good quality.  So if you’re able to create a quality 500 word article in 30 minutes, then you could be earning $20/hour as an online writer.  This is just one example of what you could possibly expect, but it at least gives you some idea of what you might expect to earn starting out.

Hopefully these job boards will help you find some great opportunities and set your writing career in the right direction.  If you know any more Blogging job boards, do share them with in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear your stories and experiences with writing online as well.

Source:  BloggingeHow

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    I’ve always wondered about different ways i could try to make money by writing online… this gives me a good list to work from, thanks!

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