The Inspiring Rocky Story of Sly Stallone

The Rocky Story - Told by Tony RobbinsI am a big fan of personal development…

…and I especially love finding things that inspire me.

Personal development is similar to taking a shower…

…if you don’t do it everyday you will eventually start to stink

Let’s just be real, right! :)

If you happen to be a Tony Robbins and Rocky fan…

…then I think you’re going to REALLY love the story shared below.

Tony Robbins Tells the Rocky Story

What does this video teach me?

It teaches me that…

…regardless how bad you THINK your circumstances may be right now

…there are people in MUCH WORST situations then you are.

Regardless of how bad you are struggling in your life right now

…you CANNOT use that as a clever excuse to quit on yourself.

It’s the adversity and challenges you face today…

…that determines where you are going in your life tomorrow.

This story and many others teach us the same priceless principle.


Keep going…

…and keep pushing forward

…because that’s how WINNING is done my friend.

Are you ready to start winning?

Let me know down below in the comment section…

…what you learned from this remarkable story.

I am anxious to hear your thoughts. The Rocky Story   Sly Stallone

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One Response to “The Inspiring Rocky Story of Sly Stallone”

  1. Hi Lance,

    Stars go through tons of resistance – in many cases, more than almost anybody faces – before making it big. Super inspiration here.

    After breaking through, world changers make it big. Like a sling-shot.

    Keep going guys. I was at zero not too long ago. Now I travel the world for the past 17 months.

    Same deal with so many other people who are living their dreams.

    When you drag, dwell on these stories. See how hungry Sly was…this is what it takes, you can do it.



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